Development of components of the Central Measurement Base



The aim of the project is to develop components of the Central Measurement Base. This includes the development of systems in Java technology in the area of applications for viewing and managing data (GUI). We are also active in the area of data integration, and our contribution to SmartMetering and Iot in the tens of thousands of messages a day that flow through the systems we develop.

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To ensure the required performance on a platform with imposed technology, we create independent components - microservices running in the environment as independent applications. The system uses a database engine that is managed and developed by the client's team, so close cooperation is required at every stage of the platform development. We use the best design patterns and frameworks that work in a multi-vendor manner to ensure high performance.



Maintained consistency in the area of architecture of dedicated application solutions and the latest integration solutions. Achieving almost any scalability for solutions processing tens of thousands of messages per day - eventually even 100 million. Microservices ready to run in almost any environment, including the cloud. Direct cooperation with the client's team, partner relationships and solution flexibility. Completed migration of the solution to the latest version of the application server software.

consistent architecture
scalable solution
readiness to migrate to the cloud